Monday, May 25, 2009

Allison and Erics going away party:(

My staff threw me a shower!

We got our Pack and Play! Thanks guys!!

Avery's #1 fans!!

The fam with the big graduate,
our little sister graduated high school,
how crazy is that!
All four of us graduated from Olathe East!

My best friend Liz and her family,
Nick and Caitlin are in the same class!

Two Saving girls always have to be pregers together
or my parents couldn't go by two in grandkids:)

My beautiful Grandma Marie!
Please pray for her surgery on June 5th.

Caitie's Graduation Gift!

Home for Caitlin's Graduation....

My family that i share my eyes with:)
Cousin Aaron and Aunt Carolyn

Liz meeting Avery for the first time:)

My Saving Cousins, love them forever!

Camber and Jeff's Party ... remembering their marrage day!

The boys hanging out by the pool, they're so cool!

Home for Caitlin's Graduation....

Wyatt loves his Grandma Lori, she's so beautiful (hard not to love)!
Rylie, Aunt Carolyn, and of course Georgy

My adorable nieces and nephew

My cousin's kids which are my other adorable niece and nephew

Wyatt's been hanging around the girls too long ....
and we are just adding another one :)
What's he going to do!?!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Josh has been gone all weekend at Sarah's College Graduation.  So, to keep myself busy
 my friend Emily and I decided to paint the nursery.  Now it's not complete I am still 
planning on painting the white strip on the wall Pink!  But after working so 
hard today I needed to show off our hard work!

Now I can't take all the credit for the room ..... just my good taste in decorating:)  
But we've been beyond blessed through this whole pregnancy.  
Thanks so much to Tom and Deb for the furniture...
Roger and Jo for Avery's bedding.... 
and to all the Keithley's side of the family 
for all the fun accessories that make the room complete!!  
Love you guys!

Walking in the room for the big surprise!

Me opening the class gift everyone pitched in for.....

All the students guessing how big my belly is :)

Avery's Surprise Shower from my 3rd Graders!!!!

After I walked in the door .... I couldn't believe it!!!  Even though Daniel asked me earlier that day ..."Mrs. Keithley are we throwing you a shower at 2:00 today?"  :)

Look at all the presents my students got me ..... Guess what the big box is?!?
Our CAR SEAT!!!  Can you believe them ... we are so blessed!

Some of the fun baby shower games we played .... they had a blast and so did I!!

Greatest group of students (and parents) I have ever had ... and I'm really not just saying that because they threw me a shower :)  

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

4x4 weekend

Rear shot!

Gives you an idea of what we were going up and what the terrain looked like!

David Dyer aka "my boss" and I went out a few days early and got a little over our heads.  1st time to use the new winch.  My 1st time to use one.  It was great!

Matt and I waiting our turn to shoot clay!  Good times!