Thursday, September 30, 2010

Avery being Avery

This is just a video of Avery hanging out at home ...
Nothing too exciting just her playing:)

Avery and I are going to try doing some big girl activities doing the week ...
Aunt Holly got her a gift card to Michael's so we were able to go and get some crafts today
Thanks Aunt Holly .. we love you!

Daddy, Avery & Bazi playing before bedtime to get all her energy out:)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Swing!!

So don't freak out when you see the end of the video ... she didn't fall I got there in time:)

See ..... she's still alive! :)
I'm not a bad mom I swear!!!!

Going to the Park

At the Park with Mommy & Daddy!

Once we got there all she wanted to do was push the stroller

After Avery walked the stroller down into the field she decided to walk back up the hill.

Playing with a stick ... Not sure if that was a good idea but she like it so I let her:)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting closer and closer to walking everywhere!!

Avery will walk from place to place as long as she can start by stand up on something. If she falls in the middle of walking somewhere she will just crawl the rest of the way. So she's so close!

We finally got to go see Becca and go to Buzzard Billys!!!!

Hanging with mommy while daddy's at work!


Our new favorite pose!



The Sheppards minus their amazing daddy ...
Pray for our Jeff!
Oh my look at that dress!
Caitlin's new man Ryan ....
The daughters started with a Ryan (Brons) & the last daughter is ending with a Ryan:)
well they have only been dating like a month so we'll see

The boys can't help but play dress up with girls ... since there are 4 of them!
Hopefully Aidan can start evening things out and they can get some trucks or something:)

Celebrating Camber's 24th Birthday

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brushing My Teeth Before Bed!

Josh's Instillation

Grandma Deb & Grandpa Tom & Sara drove out for Josh's Instillation to Beautiful Savior

At the Zoo with the Keithleys!

Krista's Surprise Birthday out on the Town:)

So this is the bouncer at the bar we were at ...
I asked him if he had ever felt a baby kick and he said no
so I let him feel Aiden being crazy:)

Krista's 30th Birthday!

The Vikings played the same night as her birthday and it was Ryan & Gabe's first game together so Ryan couldn't resist:)

Having fun with Papa!

Cleaning off the birthday cake!

It is cold Mommy!