Friday, July 24, 2009

4 Years Together!

We had a romantic dinner at Mona Lisa!
We had lots of fun feeding each other and being naughty:)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

District Youth Gathering

This will probably be one of my last youth trips I will be able to take with Josh and his youth:(  I am missing my first trip at the end of July to New Orleans.  Which is fine as long as Avery doesn't decide to come while Josh is gone!

Palmer Lake Parade

Dad and Josh Fishing

Coming down the Mountain

Hanging out by the fire

The boys got to go Jeeping

So I told Rylie to go give Addi a huge and this is what happened:)

Playing at the pool

Holy crap I'm white!!

Time at the Cabin

Addi loved her pipe:)
Josh and Grandpa bonding while smoking their pipe

On a walk with Bazi

Playing at the park with the girls!

Hiking ........

Time in Breckenridge

First Belly Pics Ever .... Be Prepared!

Camber and I are only 10 weeks apart!  We are both having girls and Jeff and Camber are about to move to the Spring and our girls will get to grow up together!!  And they will hopefully live in our neighborhood!!!  How crazy is all that!?!?!
How funny is that, my belly is like twice as big as hers.  We are going to say that's just because she is like half as tall as I am:)

Time with Wyatt

How cute is this picture!
Poor Wyatt will never play with boy toys thanks to his two girl cousins and another on the way and his sister on the way.......poor guy:)
He loves his Papa

Baby Shower in KC

This was the only picture I took of the shower.  My mom had a clothes line and hung outfits that me and my sisters wore when we were little.  How cute is that.  My favorite shirt is the one with my name on it, Avery is sooo wearing that:)
The 4 sisters shopping together with all the kids, alittle crazy but so fun to be all together!!
Swimming with Toby at mom and dads!