Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chuckie Cheese Here We Come!

Ok i was making a game face .. like im so going to win face and it came out alittle crazy:)

We are wearing our cloth diapers all the time now and love them:)

She didn't fit into them until she was 10 lbs and as of last appointment she was so she's in them all the time and doing great!

4 Generations

Avery in her Scrubs

This pic was taken right before she put on her last feeding and bedtime
so she was like come on Mom!

This was earlier in the like her aerobics headband:)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Avery talking & giving you a little smile!

Sunday's Best :)

Josh is gone to Haiti till Oct. 14th .... We miss our Daddy!

This is how sad we are!!!

First Bottle

Josh was leaving this afternoon for Haiti and Avery is about to start bottle feeding
cause I go back to work on Oct. 19th.
I really wanted Josh to be the first one to bottle feed her.
She did great!

Avery's 1 Month Appointment

10 lbs 1.5 oz & 21.5 in
Look how happy she looked before her shot:(
Not so happy afterwards

Saying goodbye :(

Time at Grandma's House

Look at my beautiful quilt Great Grandma Marie made me!

Look how Amazing Lisa looks!!!

Saving Family Picture

Well minus our husbands ... not that they aren't an important roll here but it's so hard to get us all together. Last time all the husbands were here with us at the same time was before Jeff went to Iraq ... I think it was Jeff and Cambers wedding so over 2 years ago! CRAZY!!

IWe got to be there for Gavin's Baptism

My best friends growing up ... what's missing here?
A baby in Liz's arms ... soon soon:)

Time at the Park