Friday, June 25, 2010

Grandma & Grandpa Keithley missed me so much!

Grandpa Tom showing Avery his home-made green house

Grandma & Grandpa Keithley got me my first Basketball Hoop!

I'm as good as my mommy ..... & Daddy of course! :)
Sara gave me boobies ... Yikes!
Playing with Grandpa Tom
Playing catch with Aunt Sara
Grandma Deb loved it!

Playing with Grayson in his cool pool thing

the water was soo cold .. she didn't mind it right off the bat but then got a little cold

Grandma Deb bought this for Grayson's 1st birthday so she came over to check it out too:)

Hanging with Papa

Wyatt found Papa's guitar and brought it upstairs and Avery loved it

Avery in Papa & Grandma's Pool

She liked it if you were holding her close
She loved being on the raft cause she could splash

Mommy was a baby and wouldn't get in ... it was a little cold for me

We went to the carnival ... FINALLY!

"Look Mommy .. I love the carnival, we have to go every year!"
The girls dancing to the band :)

Went to the Carnival .... FINALLY!

Biggest snow cone of my life!
Addie wasn't having fun

Went to a Carnaval ... FINALLY!!

Took a break from the rides and had some dinner
Addie and Papa
Mr. Gabe is getting so big!
She was being messy and it was freaking mommy out
Addie and Grandma on the slide

Went to Omaha to see the Brons

My long lost BFF surprised me at Krista's house, I was so excited to see her!
Grandma Lori and Avery dancing to live band ... she loved it!
Flirting with this guy that walked by ... it's already started ... YIKES!!

First time by the water since lessons

We didn't end up getting in the water this day cause Mommy was to big of a baby to get in:)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Avery wanting to be a big girl!!

Don't look at me, i look crazy! She's the cute one!!++

Thursday, June 3, 2010

On your mark ... get set ... go!!!!

Ok no one really went anywhere but it was fun:)

Avery eating her new favorite breakfast ... eggs & toast!

She's taking after her mommy or I'm forcing her to take after me:)
She really does like it regardless of her face ... I promise;)
At her 9 month appointment the doctor told us she needs to start eating people food and eating less baby food. So she's been trying lots and new things and really like it, it's been fun watching her try new things, I'm sure you will see more pictures of it soon.

Daddy and Avery playing in the pool

Swimming in Wyatt and Marie's new pool in my cool shades!

One of Mommy's last days of school .. we were celebrating!

To the Zoo!

Our first zoo trip ... and probably not the last:)

It ate a cracker out of her hand ... it was gross!

She was spent!