Saturday, October 30, 2010

Grandma Deb & Grandpa Tom .... YAY!!!!

Our first full day together .... Swinging in the front yard

So excited to see eachother
Daddy being silly .... Grandma got me my first winter jacket, it didn't fit Daddy at all!
On our way to the lake to hang out for the afternoon
We had so much fun together!

Walking around the trail at the dog park ... I'm so big!
One of my new outfits grandma & grandpa brought me

Our last day together ... 1 1/2 days goes by fast! :(
Walking together in down town Omaha

We Miss you guys already! Love you Grandma Deb & Grandpa Tom!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vala's Pumpkin Patch with the Hillers!!!

It was our first real cooler day but still a blast!
Here are all the girls ....... where are they?
Here they are:)
Looking at the bunnies
Addie and Lauren Ruby holding hands ... how can you not be instant BFF's with the Hillers
There was a Tricycle racing park ... Mommy pushed and that's when she was having fun.
So I have a video of this after the pics .... me and Krista peddled and the girls held on!
Super fun!!

I have video of this too .... It's call Jumping Pillow!
The kids couldn't make it up the pillow so we had to drag them up:)

They loved it!

All of us minus Krista, Em, Haylie & Gabe
Sliding down
Oh there's Krista .... She took all those good pics and here's the one I took of her:)
Instead of a ball pit there was a corn pit :)
Super hard to walk in :) Krista and Em almost bit it while they were in!
Throwing corn at Mommy
She's so beautiful!
So we need to work on her taking pic .. if she looks she won't smile! Little stinker!!
There was corn EVERYWHERE!

Another thing to do ... race duckies :)

So smile or look :)
Look how it's done Avery ... Way to go Gabe!
Too cute!
And then Addie wouldn't smile ... what a weirdo!
So we waited to go till after nap time this morning, guess who didn't take a nap!
She was sooooooo tired by 4:30 .... this is her almost pasted out.
Like 2 minutes later .... Out cold!
The leaves were AMAZING ... might be why I like it so much!
Me and My BeccaBoo!
Watching the Pig race ... I know this place has everything!!!!
The girls wanted to get picked soooo bad ... never did :(
The twins were pissed!!
Hanging out after my nap
Lauren was too cool for this pic :)
Picking out a pumpkin
It was heavy!
Walking around like she owned the place:)

Grabbing a snack while mommy pays for the pumpkin :)
The sunset on our way out!