Friday, April 23, 2010


She was just pushed in off the side and flipped onto her back and is in her floating position

Josh says she's asleep here too.
So she feel asleep in the water ... that's how exhausted she is by the end!
My poor baby!!

Infant Survival Swim Lessons! Brace yourself!!!!

So I got to go to lessons today cause I had a half day of school but I think I was only in the room like 5 minutes and then left. To much for me too watch ..... but Daddy took video! Don't worry after her lessons she is completely normal, I promise! I now a lot of you think we are crazy for putting her in lessons and sometimes I think I'm crazy too.

Monday, April 19, 2010

So even though I am sad she gets sad at her Swim lessons I can't help but get her stylish swims suits and towels:)

She had her 7th Infant Survival Lessons today and she finally surpassed the hardest part of her lesson. She is pushed in off the side of pool and gets stuck on her tummy face down in the water. She wasn't able to flip herself on to her back until today!
She usually grabs tight of whoever is getting her out of the pool at the end of her lesson and puts her hands around your neck and lays her head on your shoulder and whispers "Please don't put me back in there" but today she didn't do that and was all smiles at the end of her lesson, which makes me feel like not such a horrible mommy forcing my daughter to swallow gallons of water and be forced to throw it up each lesson:)

Mommy trying to be artistic

Making Avery Stand on Couch

Her looking at me saying "Mama what are you making me do save me!"
Still not knowing what's going on
Oh look at me ..... I can do this!
Ok I'm done!
Her legs gave out and she feel straight down and didn't fall over!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Papa taking garden pictures of the cousins

One of my new favorite pics of Aves
Her legs and feet look monstrous
Give me that camera!
Would have been a good one but Papa cut Wyatt's head off
and now Rylie isn't looking and Marie looked even madder!
Good job Addie and Avery and Wyatt:)

Fun around the fire .... a tradition at the Savings

Anna's new man Brad
Chris Veter can't stand not seeing all of us when we are in town
Uncle Glen showing us his dance moves
We love our cousin Aaron
Nathan and Ashley

Home for Grandmas Marie's 80th birthday

Avery can do 3 different things she learned from her video now:)

Avery finding Easter eggs for the first time!

Easter Egg hunt with the cousins!
"Which one can I have mommy"
Egg Hunt at church .... Josh is always in charge of it and this was my first year, probably because we have a kid now:)
After Good Friday service .... she was sleepy:)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Arms Up!!

I just said arms up I didn't show her how to do it:)

Snow Storm during Spring Break .... Crazy!

Looking out through the door the night it started
We got like 2-3 inches in an hour!

I was a lotta sad it happened over Spring Break just because I so would have gotten a Snow Day