Sunday, November 28, 2010

Time with Family & Friends .... Happy Thanksgiving!!

 Hanging out with Marie & Wyatt while they visited us in Omaha

 Hanging out at the Hillers ... always a blast!

 My first Merry Go Round Ride ... thanks Grandma Lori!

 My Best Friend Liz and I are pregnant at the same time!
We are 10 weeks apart :)
 She's having a girl and I'm having a boy ...
the wedding is already booked :)
 My belly is winning .... I'm 36 weeks and she is 26 week :)
 (well the day we took the picture we were 35wks & 25wks)
 Home in KS for Thanksgiving .... it was a crazy house but we would n't have it any other way!
 Addalynn Grace
 Rylie Noel
 Wyatt David
(he was passing out at Thanksgiving dinner)
 I think the head count was 28 peps!  We haven't all been together in a long time, Love you all!!
 Mommy & Kiddy Table
(well some of the kids were napping)
 Oh Uncle Aaron!

 Marie Michelle
 Grandpa Vernie, Aaron, Glen & Brady
 Krista & Jenny
 Anna & Camber
 Watching a movie with Papa and Isabelle

 Grandma was busy making sure the kids didn't fall down the stairs ...
No one did :)
 Avery was pointing at Aunt Caitie when she took the picture 
 Hi Cousin!!
Caitlin & Boyfriend Ryan
 My mommy and daddy!
(Anna's son)
(Anna's daughter)
 Me and Aiden did a lot of sitting (well kinda), 
more like no drinking, no hot tubing, little shopping, no sexing!
Doc told me we could go to KS only if I did all the above so I obeyed .....
Now that we are back home it's all on ;)

 The Sheppard's talking to Daddy Jeff on Thanksgiving!
We missed him so much, Thanksgiving didn't seem the same without him :(
 Tickling ..... it's been passed on from generation to generation
Us Savings girls love being tickled :)
 There wasn't much room for our babies in our bellies after the Feast!!
 HOT TUB TIME!!!!!!!

The Saving Family