Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Myrtle Beach 2010

Avery's 1st day on the beach ... wasn't sure about it all! But she looked so cute:)

We got to see Josh's long lost friend ... Duffy
He said Avery was the first baby that didn't cry when he held her:)
How cute is that face?!

Starting to like it a little better

Happy 4th of July!

Josh and I went on a Bike ride on the beach ... it was fun!

Great Grandma's first time to hold Avery (at the beach that is)

Daddy had to make sure Avery had a suffer shirt like him .. they are too cute!

Date night ... just the two of us
There's the only belly pic you really get I think .... 16 weeks pregos!
Guess who won ..... Kari did!

4 Generations

Josh LOVES the beach .... never wastes a second while he is there:)
Avery's first Ice Cream cone ... she hated it;)
At the Pier dancing to the live band! Our last night there:(

At the Beach

So Avery didn't like the water at all the first two days!

Then she loved being out there and wanted to walk by the water all day!

We went to the Pier and a live band was playing .... Avery loves to dance.
You like her dance move she made up ... watch for it:)