Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Last Family DInner in Colorado :(

The Butley's
You guys have been a part of our lives for almost 5 years now and have become family to us! We are so sad to leave you and know it's going to be impossible to find a friendship like the one we have together. Thank you for ALL the memories and love we've shared!
The Keithley's
It has been amazing having you guys so close,
Life won't seem the same without you around!
Thank you for everything you have given and done for us we are so sad to leave you and will cherish all the memories we have together in Colorado

We love each other, life is going to be hard with out our BFF's!!

We love you guys!
Thanks for letting us be such a big part of your family

I have treasured our last couple of weeks together,
and don't know what I am going to do without you two
I love you Camber
and am so sorry we are leaving you and your family,
but am so excited for this new chapter you are about to begin!

BFF's Forever
All the kids together, in age order, impressive we know:)
I'm going to miss my cousin Marie,
we are like twin sisters, only 10 weeks apart!
Hope we can live close again at some part in our life

My boyfriend Grayson

I love my grandpa Tom,
I don't know who is going to walk me up and down the stairs all day long

Thank you for all our Colorado memories!

Avery's 1 year Doctors Visit

Waiting to be called back:)

She did so well
28 inchees
20.7 lbs

She even wanted Dr. Underhill to hold her after the exam

Avery's 1st Birthday!!!!

Waiting for the birthday girl to wake up from her nap
She was excited about the evening

All ready to go see everyone
Our Beautiful Family
My party outfit

Grandpa giving me my bottle before the party started

Lets get cleaned up for Cake!
My amazing BFF made Avery's cake(s)

Time for presents
Holy lip, so cute though:)
I loved my gift from grandma Deb and grandpa Tom

Mommy and Daddy got me my first doll (mommy loved her cabbage patch kid)

How cute is that face!!!

Thanks for the ride Wyatt!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Walking my Puppy!

She loves her first b-day present she opened from Sara & Pauli!
She's one that gets frustrated if something doesn't go exactly how she wants...

My first steps!

Daddy was hoping to have her walking by her 1st birthday,
but I don't know if it's going to happen
She's getting so close though!

Fun with the Cousins! We are going to miss them:(

Loving my Box ride!

Playing with Wyatt