Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Avery Loves Her Brother ...

 I was sitting at the computer and when I turn around cause Avery was quiet this is what i saw
Loving/Laying on her Brother :)
 You know she loves you if she tries to poke your eyeball with her lovey
 They are both getting so big!

 She was filling up water for Aiden to have a drink
This is Rylie & Ady's new toy they decided to leave at our house, Avery loves it!
Thanks Cousins, you're the best!
  Here brother take a drink

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  1. Hey, Kari. This is Aunt Beth.These latest pix are really cute. You and Josh have two beautiful children. Enjoy.

    Wanted to let you know that two weeks from this weekend, your dad will be at our church in Roselle, IL, as a special guest at our Missions Fair. COOL!

    I didn't realize Josh was in Hong Kong now. I hope you gave him instructions to bring back some items for you. How exciting!

    Would you be able to send a card to Grandma Ledebuhr for her 80th birthday this Friday, the 28th? OR, call her at 423-843-9853? I texted everyone else so hopefully my mom will get cards/calls from all 10 grandkids. Thanks.
    Have a great week! We are very proud of you and Josh. You are great parents. Love you all.